Moldes Plaza is founded in 1991, starting in a warehouse of 378 m2, with very rudimentary machinery and with much ingenuity, since it did not have other means. Today, the new facilities of 4,000 m2 located in Vila-real, housing 2,200 m2 of highly sophisticated machinery equipment and very young and qualified staff, with a total of 35 people on staff, distributed between technical offices, design and jobs in the workshop.

Moldes Plaza covers 80% of the national market, working in general in the area of Castellón, where the tile industry is more growing and devoting 20% to international production.

Also, the company offers a wide variety of molds for flooring, coatings and all types of format and shape, for beams, borders, steps, molding, finishes and reliefs in any type of coating, highlighting its wide range of molds for corners and finishes of any model. As a complement in molds of special pieces, it is worth mentioning the manufacture of nozzles for extrusion of any type, pressing of steps, corners or any type of relief in mud; as well as molds for hot forming.

Moldes Plaza is able to adapt to the needs of each client when manufacturing or repairing any of its products, and offering recommendations on products, services and best practices.

Our products meet the best technical and first quality characteristics that allow us to optimize costs, achieving total satisfaction for our customers, and the greatest interest of our company is to develop a modernization plan for equipment and facilities, which will allow a step towards the future and a closer approach to our clients, as well as to include future companies within a growing market, such as the ceramic sector.

Moldes Plaza


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Manufacture and repair of molds

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