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Our workshops are equipped for the production of molds of any type, format, press or material. It is worth noting the development in our factory, of the molds with a single central alveolus, where different formats can be inserted, only changing a frame and punches. The frame, to be reversible, is more economical and profitable because it allows the manufacture of more pieces, before rectifying.


Top plates available for holding punches of small and large formats.


They may be:

- Magnetic DC.

- Permanent electromagnet.


Manufactured in C45N steel (DIN standard) we can produce any type of isostatic, smooth or with relieves punch. We have the technology, equipment and raw materials to obtain quality products. The use of different types of components for the resin allows us to adapt the hardness of the coating of the punches, to the need of the client, according to the requirements of the different clays used for the manufacture of the tile. We also manufacture 1.2080 steel punches (DIN standard) heat treated and polished.


The use of steel 1.2080 (DIN standard) AND the best thermal treatment processes, provides this product with an unsurpassed quality. Our staff can produce any model of blade, whether straight, irregular in one piece, or with lace with any type of fixation.


In Moldes Plaza we have bellows in leather or silicone to prevent the entry of ceramic dust between the base plate and the mold extruder during the pressing process.


In Moldes Plaza we have different types of block, straight or irregular with different voltages for greater adaptability.

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Manufacture and repair of molds

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